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MicroVote General Corporation provides voting equipment sales and machine servicing for different counties. We can set up and maintain systems as well as offer training on how to use the machines. Clients can also simply purchase the machines from us and set them up separately. Our products include:

  • KNOWiNK Electronic Poll Pad
  • MicroVote Infinity VP-1

Our flagship product, the MicroVote Infinity Voting Panel (VP-1) is a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting device for use in governmental and private elections. It incorporates a bright, colorful display, individual tactile buttons for operator control and voter selection, memory card technology for activation control and data collection/transport, and reliable embedded computer technology.

The MicroVote Infinity Voting Panel (VP-1) is designed for portable standalone voting operation with no need for additional devices at the polling site or can be combined with the new Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) printer. It is flexible enough to allow very sophisticated configurations, meeting the needs of most jurisdictions. It is programmed using a PC connected via an interface connector operating proprietary database software provided by us. Results are retrieved using the same PC/software set via direct connection or a memory card reader.

This product is designed to meet the requirements of the Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) standards for reliability, accuracy, security and performance, and allows voters with disabilities to vote unassisted on the same device as capable and sighted voters.



A VVPAT (Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) is a printer used in conjunction with a DRE (Direct Record Electronic) voting system. It is an add-on feature that can be used with the Microvote Infinity Voting Panel. It provides a paper record of the voter’s selections. It is a paper solution with some significant benefits other systems may not have:





Low Cost

  • For existing MicroVote counties, it is an “Add-on” feature to the existing system which is a more fiscally responsible solution than buying a new system.
  • Counties keep the benefit of the low ongoing cost of the MicroVote DRE system
  • No expensive ballot card stock required
  • No or low ballot storage cost
  • No pre-printing ballot cost
  • No wasted/unused ballots

Simplest/Least Disruptive for Existing MicroVote Counties

  • County election staff doesn’t have to learn a new system/process
  • Election support group/relationships remain the same
  • Most of the election process and equipment remain the same

Preserves Benefits of Existing DRE System

  • Does not require “voter intent” review/interpretations
  • Ease of use
  • Fast voter processing
  • Fast/accurate tabulation
  • No scanning inconsistencies
  • Results on election night not hours/days later
  • Simple setup


  • Easy to secure/store
  • Individual paper/ballots cannot be removed or inserted into the roll
  • Less likely to be lost
  • Less likely to be tampered with
  • Minimal “chain of custody” challenges
  • Not handled by numerous people numerous times
  • Paper trail secured in a locked ballot box

DRE/VVPAT Technology

The new All-In-One Voting Station will be able to accommodate both a direct recording electronic (DRE) voting panel and voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) printer in a single unit, ready to go on Election Day. When not in use the combination can be easily transported and stored. This new innovative design will allow you to set up the voting station without having to open the secured case until Election Day.

The security of our elections has never been more important, and MicroVote continues to utilize a variety of resources to conduct safe and secure elections. The Federal Government has designated the election industry as critical infrastructure, and MicroVote is a founding member and active participant in the newly formed Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (EI-SCC).

In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal, state and local authorities we continue to improve election security for both cyber and physical assets, including supply chain risk management. We have certified NIST Cybersecurity Framework personnel on staff to help identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from a variety of evolving threats. Our staff is also actively involved in various cybersecurity working groups to share information and help develop new voting system standards to improve election security for us all.

Some other security measures we are taking include:

Pre and Post-Election Cybersecurity Sweep (PECS)

The goal of the sweep is to ensure that the installed voting system has not been altered, either intentionally or unintentionally, from its original version as independently tested and certified.

    • Pre- and/or post-election security evaluation conducted by certified technicians
    • Onsite examination to confirm the integrity of the voting system
    • Identification and evaluation of installed software systems and applications
    • Integrity confirmation of election-specific data files

Security of the MicroVote VVPAT Solution

    • Easy to secure/store
    • Individual paper/ballots cannot be removed or inserted into the roll
    • Less likely to be lost
    • Less likely to be tampered with
    • Minimal “chain of custody” challenges
    • Not handled by numerous people numerous times
    • Paper trail secured in a locked ballot box

It is our goal at MicroVote General Corporation to be the industry leader in election security by conducting this sweep for all counties going forward as a proactive and preventative security measure.

MicroVote is a proud distributor and supporter of The Nation’s Leading Electronic Poll Book. The Poll Pad has replaced the outdated and inefficient paper model that is often the cause of long lines at the polls and inefficient election record keeping. Now in over 500 jurisdictions across the country.

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