MicroVote Voting Systems and Services

Since MicroVote's beginning in 1982, our voting systems have guaranteed the three primary requirements of any voting equipment: reliability, security, and ease of use by all voters - including those with physical restrictions. By maintaining focus on each of these requirements, MicroVote has delivered decades of model DRE (Direct Record Electronic) elections.

About Us

As times and technology change, MicroVote has kept pace by applying design resources and decades of collective experience in the election industry. Just as the MicroVote MV-464 model redefined ease of low-cost preparation and operation, the technological advances of the MicroVote Infinity VP-1 have set the new standard for electronic voting equipment.

We are an ever growing and committed group of leaders in the fields of service and support. Our products represent the culmination of years of testing and research to meet demanding industry standards. Our goals are reliability and customer satisfaction. Our proven track record of over two decades of flawless and accurate elections mark a milestone unsurpassed by any other company. We are always striving for innovation and excellence. See for yourself our suite of election products and services and rest assured of a completely reliable and accurate election process.

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