MicroVote Infinity VP-1


Our flagship product, the MicroVote Infinity Voting Panel (VP-1) is a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting device for use in governmental and private elections. It incorporates an LCD panel to display the ballot, individual buttons for operator control and voter selection, memory card technology for activation control and data collection/transport, integral battery operation capability and reliable embedded computer technology.

The Infinity is designed for portable stand-alone voting operation with no need for additional devices at the polling site. It is flexible enough to allow very sophisticated configurations meeting the needs of most jurisdictions. It is programmed using a PC connected via an interface connector operating proprietary database software provided by MicroVote. Results are retrieved using the same PC/software set via direct connection or a memory card reader.

The Infinity is designed to meet the requirements of the Election Assistance Commission's (EAC) standards for reliability, accuracy, performance and testing standards and allows voters with disabilities to vote unassisted on the same device as capable and sighted voters.


KNOWiNK Electronic Poll Pad


The Poll Pad is the electronic poll book that will transform your Election Day experience. Designed by Election Officials, the Poll Pad uses innovative technology to equip Poll Workers, simplify voter check-in, and provide instant updates to voter history.

Created as a fully integrated system in which every function works together seamlessly, the Poll Pad is cost-effective and user-friendly. You will find the Poll Pad is easy to set up, easy to use, and therefore, easy for training.


Your Poll Workers will be able to check-in voters in 20 seconds or less. The Poll Pad is the only electronic Poll Book solution contained entirely on one piece of award winning hardware, the Apple iPad. The Poll Pad eliminates the need to manually scan cards to retain voter history. Save thousands of dollars on expensive manual labor.


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